WEGENER solutions are currently used in broadcast, radio, telco, enterprise and cable networks to distribute video and audio content to millions of people. Review the below real-world case studies to learn how WEGENER's optimized media distribution solutions could benefit your multi-site network.

Multi-Language Broadcasts

WEGENER’s largest multi-language broadcast network has deployed over 7000 receivers around the world. In this deployment, COMPEL® Network Control System accurately distributes a video signal with over 40 audio channels – while integrating 5 fixed uplink stations and 6 mobile uplinks. Viewers around the world enjoy a wealth of programming, seamlessly delivered in their native language.
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Private Network

News & Educational Feed

After reviewing how best to support a mission of educating the public-at-large on current, future and past activities, a national public news and education feed decided to end its linear analog feed. The feed had previously been a mix of information for news outlets and educational venues. End users were challenged to record the correct items from the feed.
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Broadcast Video Over IP

Government Network

A government network operating a global network of retail stores uses WEGENER® solutions to launch digital signage, background music, on-demand training and time-based training applications.
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Radio Private Network

Broadcast News

WEGENER’s broadcast news solution was selected by a major TV Broadcast network to end its complete dependency on linear satellite broadcasts, manual tape deck records and separate distribution of scripts and graphics via the web. WEGENER’s end-to-end solution combines its innovative iPump® Media Server, MediaPlan® Ingest Station, MediaPlan Content Management system and COMPEL® Network Control.
> Read the Broadcast News Case Study


Radio Broadcasting

Broadcasting is an efficient approach to distributing programming to multiple locations. The challenge is to provide customized content to each affiliate location. Broadcast radio networks currently send multiple audio broadcasts or integrate multiple devices at each affiliate station for local ads, station identifiers, local traffic and weather.
> Read the Radio Broadcasting Case Study


File-Based Broadcast Channel

A national ad-supported network was looking for a way to efficiently manage its linear video channel. Previously, to create a 24/7 broadcast the network repeated 8 hour programming blocks 3 times a day. Bandwidth utilization was one of the network’s largest operating expenses.
> Read the File-Based Broadcast Channel Case Study

Private Network Broadcast

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