While fishing in Wyoming in the 1970s, Robert Placek compared the millions of stars in the night’s sky with the million opportunities made possible by satellite broadcasting. Then and today, WEGENER continues to hold a deep commitment to finding these opportunities.


Founded in 1978, Heinz Wegener started Wegener Communications Inc. (WEGENER) (WCI) as a consulting firm, and soon after the company launched audio products for the cable television industry to maximize bandwidth efficiency. Over the course of the next decade, WEGENER expanded operations and helped the industry gain more efficient use of satellite bandwidth. This close partnership with satellite cable programmers helped spawn the first fully automated satellite-based radio networks, stereo television audio and one way data broadcasts.

WEGENER History Some of WEGENER’s major accomplishments during this period include the PANDA™ audio companding standard, stereo audio broadcasts over satellite, FM squared subcarrier technology, commercial insertion equipment and the 1st generation of WEGENER’s network control systems.

In the 1990s, WEGENER launched video receivers and its 3rd generation of network control systems - COMPEL®. Again, working closely with industry leaders, WEGENER launched a new generation of solutions to help optimize media distribution. COMPEL network control offered a superior level of managing and targeting satellite receivers for video and audio networks. COMPEL also provided more flexibility to schedule local commercial insertions. Today, WEGENER is still at the forefront of technologies to optimize bandwidth utilization.

WEGENER provides products to:

  • virtually every major cable television system in the United States & Canada
  • over 100 radio networks worldwide
  • media networks targeting retail stores - managing over 150 million regional ad-insertions per month
  • major live sporting and gaming networks
  • broadcast news distribution

The 17 existing and pending WEGENER patents demonstrate a commitment to develop and deploy innovative solutions for multi-media content distribution and management. As WEGENER builds new technology partnerships with clients for bandwidth efficient IPTV, digital workflows and network control, WEGENER envisions many more innovations to come.

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