COMPEL Network Control

WEGENER's network control system puts every WEGENER receiver and uplink under and operator's control with unparalled flexibility.

As WEGENER's 5th generation of network control system and the culmination of over 15 years of company development, today COMPEL Systems worldwide control IRDs/satellite downlinks with key features , such as:

  • Master events scheduling
  • Suscriber management
  • Group control of all attributes
  • Real-time execution of commands
  • Network disaster recovery
  • Conditional access and encryption
  • Multiple transmission methods
  • Integration with uplink automation systems
COMPEL Network Control
Private NetworksBroadcast Video Over IP Radio Video Headend

Dynamic command and monitoring system for multi-site video, audio and data networks. Enables "hands-free" receive sites.

COMPEL Conditional Access
Private NetworksBroadcastRadio Video Headend

Support security needs of commercial broadcast and private networks.

COMPEL Connect
Private NetworksBroadcastRadio Video Headend

SaaS management tools for content distribution, scheduling, playout control and continuous monitoring of WEGENER iPump media receivers/players.

Private NetworksBroadcastVideo Over IPRadio Video Headend

Simplified operations for dynamic media distribution via satellite or terrestrial paths. Optimized to support multiple applications for content providers, TV , and digital signage.

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