Digital TV Signal Processors
Digital TV Processors

WEGENER offers solutions to receive and multiplex local broadcast TV and ASI transport streams into video headends.

WEGENER's DTV 700 series of digital signal processors give video headend operators powerful processing options. Their flexible architecture and compact design allows operators to seamlessly repackage local off-air HD signals and ASI streams (from satellite receivers or local encoders) into new ASI streams for IP multicasts.

DTV 742 Multiplexer
Video Headend

Transport Stream Multiplexer: Repackage off-air 8VSB and local ASI streams. Optional GigE output.

DTV 720 Multicaster
Video Over IPVideo Headend

Multicaster: Repackage local off-air broadcast signals and ASI transport streams into IP multicasts.

DTV 742 Multiplexer
Video Headend

8VSB 4 Channel Multiplexer: Receive, groom and multiplex four (4) off-air 8VSB signals.

Video Headend

8VSB 4 Channel Demodulator: Make four (4) 8VSB signals readily available for insertion into digital video headends.


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