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  • IP-based media distribution
  • Flexible Compel Control®
  • HD and SD video support
  • Blends presentation of video, text and graphics

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iPump 525 IP Media Player

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Product Details

WEGENER’s iPump 525 IP media player is optimized for enterprise applications requiring a high level of customization per screen, such as, digital signage and news & information channels.

The iPump 525 IP media player is a remotely commanded unit for automating file-based content distribution and playout of video, audio, text and graphics. For advertisement based signage, video playout can be tailored on a site by site or regional basis to showcase products based on sales targets or availability. All video playouts can be augmented with graphics and text, such as local merchant names, locations and phone numbers. Additionally, the text overlay (static, crawl, etc.) feature of the iPump 525 can be used to immediately update hundreds of displays with crucial time sensitive information, such as financial exchange rates, stock prices, plane schedules, horse racing odds, and much more.

Compel® network control system puts every WEGENER receiver under a central network operator’s control. It gives the operator the power to manage a hybrid network of IP and satellite-enabled media receivers through a common, easy-to-use interface to schedule commands that regionalize playlists and commercial insertions.



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Product Details | Product Specs

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