• Blends Stored Content with Live Programs
  • Flexible Record & Playback Automation
  • Custom Liner/Voice Tracks
  • Time Zone Playback
  • Satellite & Internet File Delivery
  • 32 Contact Closures for Local Traffic Systems
  • Optional Digital Automated Affidavits
  • 2 RBDS Serial Ports
  • 2 Professional AES/EBU Outputs

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iPump 6420 Audio Media Server

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Product Details

The iPump® Media Server Advantage

WEGENER's iPump 6420 Audio Media Server is specifically designed for regionalizing affiliate radio broadcasts - combining the efficiencies of large network operations with the customized listening experiences offered at the local level. Its next generation architecture integrates file-based program distribution with live programming, seamlessly blending audio outputs through the use of audio fades, mixes and pre-positioned station liners.

WEGENER iPump 6420 Audio Media Server is an integrated digital satellite receiver and multi-media server. It provides digital and analog audio outputs. Customized playlists, network control commands and audio programs transmitted over satellite to targeted iPump Media Servers can be stored to internal hard-drives or output for live broadcast. WEGENER iPump Media Server uses the playlists and network commands to generate a custom audio channel from stored audio programs. Audio quality is maintained throughout the process as stored content is not re-encoded or re-compressed. An Optional on board AM/FM tuner provides an integrated technology to digitize the bookkeeping of advertisement plays.


Learn More:
Product Details | Product Specs

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