COMPEL Network Control System

Network control for targeted regional content delivery, disaster recovery, and blackouts/embargos enforcement. Currently used in multi-site broadcast, sporting, multi-language and retail networks .

Products Include:

iPump Media Servers

Combines the features of a satellite receiver with the features of a media server and IP router, to receive live broadcasts, store programs and seamlessly combine them to play-out custom broadcasts. Products Include:

  Unity Satellite Receivers

Create a dynamic network of media receivers for linear broadcasting. Integrated COMPEL Control®.

Products Include:

MediaPlan Content Management

End-to-end media asset distribution, with media ingest and content management. Supports complex automation and targeted distribution to support multiple end-user applications.

Products Include:

IPTV Set Top

Support video over IP. Options for MPEG-4/h.264 and MPEG-2/4 decoding, HD video and 3rd party middleware applicaitons.

Products Include:

Digital TV Signal Processors

Full suite of products to process live satellite or local broadcast TV signals within cable or telco video headends.

Products Include:

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