Radio networks worldwide have used WEGENER equipment to deliver their message. For 25 years, WEGENER has continually brought innovative analog and digital solutions to the marketplace. These solutions include:

  • The first stereo encoder for satellite networks
  • PANDA™ audio processing system
  • FM2 subcarrier data receivers
  • MPEG-2 satellite receivers
  • Digital store and forward audio satellite receivers
  • Real time command & control with flexible addressing network control systems

WEGENER’s next generation solutions continue to bring cost effective, flexible solutions to audio broadcasters.

Business Music

Background music is a key environment branding tool in retail and restaurant establishments. WEGENER’s solution provides advanced features for retailers to highlight special offers or company brands.
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File-Based Radio Distribution

WEGENER's file-based radio solution offers the efficiencies of large network operations with the customized listening experiences offered at the local level.
> Learn About File-Based Radio Distribution

Linear Radio Distribution

WEGENER supports radio networks distributing live, 24/7, regionalized programming and commercials.
> Learn About Linear Radio Distribution


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