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Building a Better Digital Signage Strategy

You're faced with increasing complexity of today’s marketing environment. Keeping your marketing, IT, training and other teams connected can be a real challenge. WEGENER will help by dramatically improving your digital signage strategy. Here are just a few ideas on how you can manage the technology more effectively than ever before...

#1: Define your Overall Objectives

  • Renewing your BRAND IDENTITY with customers
    WEGENER works with a host of media entities, service providers, systems integrators and marketing companies to create upbeat customer experiences.

  • Disseminating up-to-the-minute INFORMATIONAL data
    Our drivers are our client’s, so we develop solutions to address specific performance metrics so they can really stay in touch with their individual, suburban, metro, regional, national and international customer base and staff.

  • Creating new revenue streams. ADVERTISING $$
    For over 25 years WEGENER has helped clients leverage their collective knowledge, existing infrastructure and digital assets to achieve superior revenue outcomes.

#2: Multi-Task

When it comes time to review the effectiveness of your strategy, are your objectives still relevant? Have new issues arisen that require you to deploy additional tactics?

Make sure you have room to change. The ability to combine operations for multiple applications will enable you to continuously envision a stronger, more flexible strategy.

WEGENER can help you combine video, audio and data operations for:

  • National, Regional and Localized Content Management—right down to individual stores
  • On-Demand Training and Product Information Programs
  • Music and Messaging
  • In-Store Advertising
  • Captive Audience Info-tainment
  • Back Office Systems Integration—allowing you to leverage your existing investment

#3: Gain Control

Whether you are trying to maintain your brand value, improve customer satisfaction, or reach a target customer with a specific up-sell message, you need consistency.

WEGENER can help you design and build a Digital Signage solution with amazing remote control so you are always confident your network will react quickly to new communication needs and limit A/V blackouts.

Our solutions power dynamic media networks from 100 to 100,000+ locations with robust, real-time remote control, 24/7 reliability and superb regionalization capabilities.

Reach your target customers and deliver an adequate level of message frequency to maintain a desired level of awareness, comprehension and interest.

EnterpriseBroadcast Video Over IPVideo Headend

Rack-mount unit for professional and back-office environments.

EnterpriseVideo Over IP

Desktop media server unit. Combines Live and File-Based Video Broadcasts.

EnterpriseVideo Over IP

Optimized for IP-based enterprise applications.

EnterpriseBroadcast Video Over IP Radio Video Headend

Simplified operations for dynamic media distribution via satellite or terrestrial paths. Optimized to support multiple applications for content providers, TV , and digital signage.

COMPEL Conditional Access
EnterpriseBroadcastRadio Video Headend

SaaS management tools for content distribution, scheduling, playout control and continuous monitoring of WEGENER iPump media receivers/players.

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