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Central Casting of Audio Programs

Central casting is a cost effective approach to distributing programming to multiple locations. The challenge is to increase the listening audience and ad revenue by providing customized content to each location. Currently, customized audio broadcasts create/distribute separate channels or integrate media servers at each remote location with multiple devices for local ads, station identifiers, local traffic and weather. This adds cost and maintenance concerns, such as, the cost of distribution (satellite or terrestrial bandwidth) and maintaining additional pieces of equipment at each remote locations....
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Spot Verification

A common and ongoing problem in the radio industry has been ad play-out verification. For satellite radio networks, the problem is compounded due to the sheer size of the network, and the semi independence of station operations...
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Digital Signage

Digital signage is transforming the way we communicate messages - changing static spaces into dynamic, entertaining, and informative portals. It is being used by retail, educational, and corporate organizations to strengthen brand identity, promote products, entertain, and provide valuable, timely information...
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Video Solutions for Faith-Based Organizations

Transform the way you communicate messages - change static spaces into dynamic, entertaining, and informative portals. Read on to learn more about the expanding opportunities for faith-based organizations to re-broadcast services, localize messages, promote events, and enhance education programs...
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Next Generation Radio Broadcasts

The radio business has always been locally driven-with DJs giving us the latest news, weather, and events, and talking up to the lyrics of a song. Over the years, listeners have come to regard many local jocks as celebrities and VIPs identified with their locale. But as the radio industry undergoes dramatic changes, the concept of the local DJ is becoming part of our American folklore-conjuring warm memories but no longer practical...
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Overcoming Critical Challenges in Digital Media when Communicating with
Customers and Employees

If you’re concerned about improving communications with your branches and regional service centers and believe video may hold the key, WEGENER would like to share some important insights. As part of your evaluation consider 5 basic challenges common to multi-media projects within the financial service market. Use them to envision and strengthen any digital media strategy...
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iPump Media Servers - Applications

The Internet, television, cell phones and other communication portals continually challenge the status quo of how we see information. This challenge once only considered relevant for consumer industries has become important for all industries. Think of the evolution of the slideshow – from transparencies, to PowerPoint, to animated PowerPoint, to hyperlinked- animated PowerPoint, to automated animated PowerPoint.
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Efficient Solutions for Video Distribution and Playout

In traditional video distribution networks creating modified regional programming requires operators to produce and distribute separate channels. They are forced to use more satellite bandwidth or mail additional videos/DVDs to remote sites. Additionally, if local advertising is required, operators integrate ad servers and cue-ing devices. Each component adds cost and maintenance headaches for the operators...
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Easy Modification and Transmission of ATSC PSIP Information using
WEGENER® 8VSB Multiplexers

It is estimated that there will one million digital cable ready television sets by mid 20051. These television sets are designed to receive digital cable channels and off- air broadcast channels without the need of additional set-top boxes. Starting July 1st, 2004, cable systems have to pass on broadcast program information to their DTV subscribers per FCC regulations. WEGENER 8VSB transport stream multiplexers enable cable operators to easily modify and transmit compliant broadcast program information to digital cable ready televisions...
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