Wegener Professional Broadcast receivers deliver linear and file-based programming to stations

iPump 9400

iPump 9400 Professional Broadcast Receiver

iPump 6400

iPump 6400 Professional Media Server

Unity 4600

Unity 4600 Linear Satellite Receiver
for AXS-TV

DTV 742

8VSB 4 Channel Multiplexer: Receive, groom and multiplex four (4) off-air 8VSB signals

DTV 744

8VSB 4 Channel Demodulator: Make four (4) 8VSB signals readily available for insertion into digital video headends.
Television Products
WEGENER Next Generation TV Products
The iPump 9400 Professional Broadcast Receiver is our next generation professional broadcast receiver offering expandability that provides multiplexing, transport stream splicing, graphics insertion and transcoding with various transport stream output options available.
Beginning in the early 2000's Wegener has grown and continues to expanded our broadcast product line of established iPump technology.
The Wegener iPump 6400 Professional Media Server flexible design supports tailored configuration for different environments. Deployed by numerous television stations, broadcasters and enterprise customers the iPump 6400 enables the
delivery of customized programming controlled through Compel 2.
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