Pro Audio Server


CompelControl© & Show Director

  • Sophisticated and powerful network and media management tools.
  • Downloaded local content synchronized with central control system inventory 
  • Return path to head-end control via Internet: 
    • File play logs
    • Operations logs
    • Server status
  • Localize spot play using one aliased command to trigger different file plays at various sites
  • Delegate local control authority

Audiocaster Pro Audio Server

WEGENER’s Audiocaster Pro Audio Server is designed for the modern radio network. Under the management of WEGENER’s CompelControl™ and Show Director management system, it provides the needed store forward capability to allow for diverse local and regional customization. 

It delivers both live and file-based audio programming, along with the needed auxiliary objects such as relay cues and program associated data. It supplies a complete programming feed to up to four separate radio stations. 

WEGENER’s end-to-end solution includes network control components to maximize the distribution of live broadcasts, stored content and seamlessly re-use content. It offers great flexibility for targeting content and remote configuration.

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