Digital Signage

WEGENER COMPEL 2 delivers content seamlessly to banking, retail, healthcare, corrections, fitness, and quick service restaurants (QSR). Wegener advanced content management system and state of the art media players combine to deliver content seamlessly across any combination of satellite, Internet, or IP multicast networks.

Diverse end user locations include banking, retail, healthcare, corrections, fitness and quick service restaurants (QSR) gain a competitive advantage with Wegener
digital signage products.

Media Player

Develop new ways to customize the end-user experience in healthcare, houses of worship & retail environments. Enhance communication and advertising strategies using Compel 2 digital signage tools.

New integrated standards-based ingest tools help streamline content management and optimize media player output. User-friendly screens help design, schedule and sequence custom combinations of video, graphics and text information overlays.

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Three of the largest bank chains in Mexico deploy signage to thousands of screens in their branches.

Wegener partner provides full service management, hosting and content creation support for satellite-based retail media networks. This major supplier of managed digital signage in Mexico reaches thousands of customer-facing screens. Their banking solution makes use of digital signage to inform waiting customers about available services, display general information, such as, currency exchange rates, and point customers to appropriate bank personnel.

Driven by the Compel Network Management system, WEGENER’s media distribution platform addresses a variety of client requests, such as live video, digital signage, background audio, easy management of thousands of screens, and servicing multiple time zones.


Jail-TV uses Wegener Digital Signage Players to take control of inmate TV programming under the control of Wegener’s Compel Network Management System.  Jail-TV provides the ability to push information to the inmates about services and programs that are available to them while in custody and when they return to society. Special screens and crawl messages communicate jail management information in real-time.

This network uses the inmates desire to watch TV to the advantage of corrections and the benefit of the inmates. The TV becomes a partner in corrections by changing the TV into a tool to influence inmate behavior.

Every TV is individually programmable and can deliver unique messages however every TV is also linked together and can deliver the same messages to all TVs, or groups of TV’s can be addressed together if  desired.

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High End Retail

After years of planning, designing, and installing digital display systems in different phases, a chain of Mexican luxury shops have advanced the innovative use of digital signage in retail by deploying hundreds of screens to improve the experience of its customers.

Wegener media players provide twenty-five channels of video and channels of 22 audio throughout each facility

This unique centrally managed digital signage system improves the customers’ shopping experience and also allow the chain grow in revenue through the sale of advertising and promotion programs.