Our Products


WEGENER’s Audiocaster Pro Audio Server is designed for the modern radio network. Under the management of WEGENER’s CompelControl™ and Show Director management system, it provides the needed store forward capability to allow for diverse local and regional customization. 


WEGENER’s 6th generation network control system, COMPEL® 2, is a flexible, open architecture system that provides simplified operations for dynamic media distribution via satellite or terrestrial paths. It optimized to support multiple applications for content providers, TV , and digital signage. Compel 2’s modular design provides extensive opportunities to scale network expansions and tailor video, audio and data applications.

Network Management via the Internet CompelConnect.com™ is a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) 


 The Signcaster Digital Media Servers provide high reliability, and flexible solutions for enterprise business applications, such as, client-facing digital signage, videoon-demand, employee training, serving data to 3rd party devices and aggregating data from multiple sources. It is designed to help display video, audio and data content in various, controlled ways to end-users 


Edgecaster Pro is a powerful platform enabling broadcasters to control video content to the network’s edge like never before. Regionalized content, precision targeted advertising, and blackout management are handled locally, with frame-accurate SCTE- 35, video decoding with graphics overlay for logos and crawler text, and a broadcast- quality HD-SDI output ready for retransmission.